Whatโ€™s this all about?

Hi there! Iโ€™m Corey Marie. Iโ€™m the artist and maker behind PAPERCUTS handmade.

As an artist, sketchbooks and journals have always been a big part of my life. As a teenager and young adult, the sketchbooks I carried around with me contained a mix of drawings and lists: the books themselves were constantly evolving collages of stickers, photos, magazine clippings, event fliers and literally anything else that was important to me!

This evolved into a lifelong hobby: Art Journals, in various forms, have been a constant in my life. The scrapbooks, sketchbooks and journals that Iโ€™ve kept over the years each signify a specific period in my life. Flipping back through those books is like stepping into a time machine! Struggles and triumphs are collected and preserved between celebrations and nostalgia.

the story of PAPERCUTS handmade

In 2007, I opened a Etsy shop called PAPERCUTS handmade, initially selling comic books and screen prints of my artwork. The following year my son was born! A brand new routine with a newborn plus a somewhat calamitous accident and the resulting elbow fracture meant changing my focus from drawing to making. A friend taught me some bookbinding techniques, and I began hand-sewing PAPERCUTSโ€™ very first Art Journals. Not long after, I began creating a wire-bound version, and used hand-cut pieces of cover stock from discarded library books for a cover. The exact process has developed and evolved somewhat over the years, but the Wire-Bound Recycled Art Journals I created in 2009 became PAPERCUTSโ€™ signature product, and my main focus as a maker ever since!

What Does PAPERCUTS handmade Offer?

Along with Recycled Art Journals and the smaller Screen-Printed Pocket Journals, PAPERCUTS is home to one-of-a-kind Recycled Paper Packs available in a spectrum of colors. Theyโ€™re designed to coordinate with the journals, but each pack is completely unique. Youโ€™ll also find Recycled and Repurposed Ephemera such as game cards and postage stamps.

Iโ€™m particularly interested in teaching people about Art Journaling and the profound impact that making space for creativity, exploration and introspection can have.

The Bigger Picture

I truly believe that Art Journaling as a practice can be a major part of healthy self-care. Art Journaling gives us the opportunity to relax, reflect + record, which allows us to connect with ourselves, to intentionally create time and space for introspection. It can also be a place to track our accountability, to record our progress and to see the patterns and habits that emerge over time!

Art Journaling, as a self-care exercise, can be a part of mindfulness meditation practice. Art Journaling can be therapeutic and healing after trauma or during recovery, as one part of self-lead or professionally-guided therapy. I believe that Art Journaling, as an outlet free of expectations or judgement, can be a liberating safe space, even (or perhaps especially!) for creative professionals who suffer from burnout or writerโ€™s block.

Your Art Journal can be the place where you warm up, a place to stretch your creative muscles, to try out new techniques, practice skills and maybe even push yourself outside of your artistic comfort zone.

The Art Journal Movement: an Act of Rebellion

I will humbly insist that anyone can make art, and anyone can benefit from an Art Journal. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability.

You donโ€™t have to consider yourself an artist, and you certainly donโ€™t have to be โ€œgoodโ€ at it!

It shouldnโ€™t cost a lot of money or require expensive supplies or equipment to get started. You shouldnโ€™t need a formal education or lengthy training. Art, and especially Art Journaling is a self-led act in defiance of these types of boundaries!

My Mission

A major goal of mine, through teaching Art Journaling, is to attempt to remove some of the restrictions and limitations that people are taught about expressing themselves through art. I believe in the enormous value of creative exploration; of creativity as play, with less focus on the final product. I want to personally enable and encourage people to discover new things about themselves via the creative process.